How can BBMP tell me how many best friends to have?

How can BBMP tell me how many best friends to have?

How many bad decisions can a single entity make ? BBMP, is single handedly damaging Bengaluru’s name as a compassionate city. Hope they prepared for all the discarded pets. People are judged by the way they treat their voiceless and their weak. Bengaluru will be unkindly due to this notification of BBMP. Withdraw this before the world laughs at us while Bengaluru’s animals and their humans cry.

Activists raise the following demands to keep our best friends close, but safe.

1. Remove the cap on the number of dogs allowed in peoples homes.

2. The law is targeting responsible pet owners as opposed to the people that create the problem. Change the law so that it enables NGOs to take action against cruelty cases as these are the ones that cause problems in Residents associations. Allow NGOs the power of confiscation.

3. Change the law to crack down harder on illegal breeding and puppy mills. They are giving easy access to people without the means to buy and keep pets in poor living conditions which contribute to the animosity from Residents associations

4. The restriction of breeds needs to be done based on which dogs are suitable for the Indian climate and living conditions. Ex : ban the sale of dogs that were meant for sub zero temperatures

5. Allow representatives from NGOs and from the citizens groups to be present in future while forming such laws so that a well rounded view can be presented

Head over to Change.Org to support the cause!

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