Entrepreneurship Success Stories – Karsanbhai Patel

Entrepreneurship Success Stories – Karsanbhai Patel

The success story of ‘Nirma’ and the story of how an Indian Entrepreneur took on big MNCs in a monopolized detergent market began in 1969.

Dr. Karsanbhai Patel started Nirma in 1969. At a time when detergent market in India was monopolized by a few MNCs, detergent was a luxury that only the wealthier Indians could afford.

Karsanbhai Patel made detergent powder out of his backyard and sold his detergent powder door to door. He struggled like every startup does even to this day. Karsanbhai Patel’s entrepreneurial skills have stood the test of time.

He came up with a novel idea that was a game changer -every pack that was sold with a money back guarantee. Karsanbhai Patel offered his detergent powered for Rs. 3 per kg at a time when other brands sold at Rs.13 per kg. He was able to successfully able to cater to the the middle class and there began the success story of Nirma!.

The small venture started in 1969 with just one man who used to deliver the product from house to house, today employs 14,000! A true success story of Indian startup!

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